General Questions

Can I take photos or film during the MECC Parties?

It is not allowed to make photos with a professional camera during the MECC Parties. Professional filming is also not allowed.

Can I take my children to the MECC Parties?

No you cannot.

Are lockers available?

Yes, lockers are available. Please note: these lockers are small in size, a large backpack or suitcase will most likely not fit. You can buy them during the MECC Parties for 1 day, or for the whole week.

Are there any ATM’s at the MECC?

No there are no ATM’s in the MECC building. Luckily you can also buy INKOM coupons with a credit or debit card!

Can I buy cigarettes?

No you cannot. We strongly dissuade smoking. It is also not allowed to smoke in the MECC building.

Where can I park my bicycle?

You can park your bicycle in the aforementioned bicycle parking at the MECC building.